Online Donations

Thank you for partnering with us to transform lives in the community through a financial donation. Your generous contribution goes towards supporting our services and programs by helping people who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and isolated, to alleviate their emotional, physical, financial and relational distress.

You will be asked to complete your contact information, this will enable us to issue tax deductable receipts at the end of the financial year.

If you wish to give anonymously or through a family trust, which does not normally require a tax deductible receipt, or have any other queries regarding your giving please contact our accounts department on 9871 8300.

Pantry Needs

Help us continue to serve our community. CityLife Community Care greatly appreciates all donations to our Community Pantry. Any contribution, however big or small, makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

We are in need of the following items:
  • Items in red: most needed items
  • Items in red highlighted in yellow: desperately needed items

Breakfast Food:
  • Honey
  • Jam

General Food:
  • 185g tinned tuna plain in springwater or in oil
  • 95g flavoured tuna
  • oil (1 litre varieties)
  • 1 litre stock – chicken, and vegetable
  • salt and pepper shakers
  • tinned peas, or carrots, or mixed vegetables
  • tinned 4 Bean mix
  • tinned tomatoes (425g – diced)
  • tinned spaghetti
  • beef and chicken 2 minute noodles
  • tomato and BBQ sauce
  • raw sugar (1kg)
  • self-raising flour (1kg)
  • cake and pancake mixes

  • kids lunch box snacks (small chip packs, cheese spread and crackers, small biscuit packs, etc)
  • 175g bags of chips
  • sweet biscuits
  • muesli bars (6 pack)

  • Coffee
  • Milo/Nesquik
  • 1 litre juice varieties

Festive Foods:
  • 1 litre long life custard
  • Lollies, chocolates
  • Nuts

Household Needs:
  • disinfectant spray (Glen20 or similar)
  • multipurpose cleaner
  • toilet cleaner
  • washing powder (small) or washing liquid (small)
  • dishwashing liquid
  • toilet paper
  • paper towel
  • cling wrap and foil

Bathroom Needs:
  • toothbrushes (adult)
  • women’s razors
  • men’s razors

How to Drop Donations Off?
  • outside CityLife Community Care building during business hours, generally 10am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri, sometimes later on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • inside the church building front entrance during church service or reception times.
  • you may also like to arrange a delivery through Coles, Woollies, etc. Please instruct to deliver to, “CityLife Community Care building, front carpark (gate 1), 1248 High Street Road, Wantirna South. Let reception know the delivery has arrived and then drive to the back loading bay to unload the items”. Delivery hours: 10am – 4pm Mon – Fri ONLY. Please let us know when to expect so we can make sure someone will be here to receive the order. Monday deliveries between 9am-11am are preferred. Please email us your invoice so we can mark it off, to make sure everything you ordered and have been charged for, has arrived.

Gift Card Needs:
  • pharmacy gift cards (eg. Chemist Warehouse $20 or $30)
  • petrol gift cards ($30)
  • Coles/Myer vouchers ($20, $30 or $50)

Please drop off gift cards at CityLife Community Care reception during office hours.