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Social isolation and lack of support affect people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

CityLife Community Care provides a safe environment for people to connect socially. Our programs encourage sharing, learning and connecting with others as people feel comfortable doing so. The Community Connect and Support Team at CityLife Community Care is passionate about reaching out to the community, connecting and supporting people who are facing different life challenges and assisting them to move forward in life.

Community Connect runs a range of social inclusion programs such as community meals and community groups to connect people and give hope for a thriving future. It also reaches out to the community with community projects and special events.

A social group for women to connect, share and learn at their own pace. Each gathering will have a practical theme to promote and develop physical and emotional wellbeing.

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A connection group for men of all ages and walks of life to meet and mutually support each other.

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Community Connect provides community meals where nutritious food is served, and social connections are developed.

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