CityLife Community Care is committed to the safety, protection and wellbeing of all children and young people. This is of fundamental importance as we seek to nurture and encourage all children and young people.

We are committed to providing safe people, places and programs for all children to participate in, with particular attention to those who have diverse circumstances and who are at greater risk of facing prejudice, exclusion, and discrimination. As such, CityLife Community Care is particularly committed to protecting the wellbeing of children and young people with disabilities, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, with diverse sexual orientation and/or gender identity, and those who are unable to live at home. We are committed to working with families in a mutually respectful and reciprocal way, to provide a community that is caring, in which children and young people feel welcome.
Zero Tolerence
CityLife Community Care have zero-tolerance for any form of child abuse or harm and take actions to prevent its occurrence.

Commitment to Ongoing Development and Implementation of Child Safe Strategies

CityLife Community Care has implemented a range of child safety measures as part of our commitment to providing safe people, places and programs. These include a comprehensive Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct, and a Charter of Commitment to Children and Young People.

Our measures also involve all staff and volunteers having a current Working with Children Check, signing on to the behavioural standards and responsibilities of our Child Protection Code of Conduct, and attending compulsory regular training and education on child safety. Training includes recognising signs of potential abuse and grooming, risk identification and mitigation strategies, promoting cultural safety and inclusiveness, and clear guidance on how to respond and deal with child abuse, neglect, discrimination and bullying, in an effective and consistent manner, including mandatory and non-mandatory reporting to the authorities.
CityLife Community Care will continue to develop ministries for all children and young people that are fun and engaging, while demonstrating the utmost commitment to both their physical and online safety, privacy and personal integrity, social connectedness, inclusion, and protection from bullying or harassment.

Commitment to Equity and Respect for Diverse Needs
We recognise that some vulnerable children and young people, may need support specific to their individual needs to participate fully and freely in our programs and activities.

Due to the individual nature of the experiences and needs of these children and young people, CityLife Community Care recognises that no single approach will suit every need and will work with the child and young person and their parent(s)/guardian(s) to find suitable support commensurate with the skills of staff and volunteers.

Commitment to Invite Feedback, Input or Complaint

CityLife Community Care is committed to inviting feedback and input from children, young people and their parent(s)/guardian(s) in relation to our child safety measures and to the accessibility and suitability of programs relating to the specific needs of their children. We will engage families to ensure they have input into decisions affecting their young ones. To support this process, we have a feedback procedure and an online form for submission of feedback.

Similarly, CityLife Community Care takes seriously any concerns or complaints raised by children, young people or their parent(s) or guardian(s) about the conduct of staff, volunteers or other children or young people. To support this process, we have a complaint handling procedure and an online form for submission of complaints.

For all other queries or input, you may speak directly to the centre Director or other staff members, text 0429 199 626 or email

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