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I left an abusive marriage after 9 years of horror, came to CityLife Community Care for counselling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic attacks, Depression and Complicated Grief. I attended counselling regularly, and am now able to work part-time, manage my anxiety, be more assertive with my ex-husband, and am beginning to re-build hope for the future.

CityLife Community Care’s ‘Food for Life’ group has been a wonderfully rich and fulfilling experience which has lifted my mood and given much needed COLOUR into a very plain, dull, ordinary life. The friendships made have been LIFE changing and has helped me to get away from taking antidepressants. I have become bright and bubbly and new. I smile and laugh much more! My hope for the future has been slowly growing and I feel much more alive and more resilient to life’s knocks.

I came to CityLife Community Care in early 2018 needing support and help with resume writing and coaching in job interview skills. I am from overseas and was unable to bring my wife and new baby to Australia until I had secured full time employment and a stable place of residence. Feeling very depressed and unable to secure a job despite numerous attempts, I was mentored by one of CLCC’s employment support volunteers. After a few months I was able to secure a position in a well-known big bank. After almost 2 years apart, at the end of last year, I was able to bring my young family to Australia and we have settled in the local area.

Women Connect enables me to strengthen relationships and I feel that having other women around me is definitely making me a better person. I have also found it helpful hearing testimonies and stories from others who have made it through difficult times. It helps me to know that if they can do it, I can too. Between meetings, we also text and encourage each other.

I have been part of the C.O.A.C.H program for about three years. It has really helped me make changes in my life and become a happier person. Many things have happened in the last few years and my mentor and CityLife Community Care (CLCC) have helped me in many ways. My mentor has walked beside me during my difficult times and shared my happy times too. When I first started on the program, I was not in the right frame of mind. Talking through my problems with someone who was there to listen to me was really good. It helped me see my situation from a different perspective. She has also helped me in managing my daughter’s behaviour and learning to control my temper. C.O.A.C.H’s different from going for counselling sessions. I feel more relaxed with my mentor and I know that she does not judge me.

Besides visiting me on a weekly or fortnightly basis, she also sends me encouraging messages during the week. I once showed my mentor’s message to my friend and she said that she also wanted a mentor to help her. My mentor has also got to know my daughter well and she looks forward to my mentor’s visits too. My mentor has also helped me in practical ways. She has cooked healthy meals with me, baked with my daughter, cleaned my house with me, helped me to budget and taken a bus with me to show me how to get to CLCC. CLCC workers have also helped me a lot by referring me to other agencies for assistance and parenting courses, supported me through a court case and they also invited me to attend cooking classes. I have learnt how to cook many healthy meals.